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2021 Intention: Celebrating Resilience

I have a bougainvillea plant in my backyard. At least twice a year, the leaves curl and completely fall off. When it does, I curse my lack of a green thumb and am certain it is on its way out. Then all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, new leaves sprout with no intervention from me at all and it begins to thrive once again. I have had the plant for ten years and yet this process still shocks me every time.

I watch my kids as they start the year again with online learning. I mourn the fact that they can’t socialize with their friends. I worry constantly about how they are doing and whether or not they are behind in their learning. I try not to hover but a few times throughout the day, I’ll peek in their rooms thinking I’ll find their cameras off, playing around in their room. More often than not, I find them participating and actively following along with their teachers. A sense of pride washes over me and yet I find myself a bit shocked in how they have embraced this new way of learning.

Resilience is a tricky yet amazing thing. It can show itself in many ways. From overcoming the largest obstacles to the simplest of tasks. I’ve seen many resolution posts these past few weeks. Many are inspirational in nature. Encouraging others to set goals and start fresh. I don’t need to tell anyone how hard 2020 was on all of us. I’ve done a lot of reflection of 2020 and the intentions I want to set for 2021. For me, it all comes back to celebrating resilience. I see it all around me even during this difficult time. It especially rings true with my clients. It can be what they see as the darkest of days but what I see is their fighting spirit. Taking steps in acknowledging their hurt or disappointment and their resilience to embrace and tackle what’s ahead. The intention for this year is to be aware of those moments of resilience no matter how small and take the time to acknowledge and celebrate them. What can you learn from those moments? What’s important about that learning? What is a step you can take right now to move yourself forward?

Resilience shines a light on your strength and courage. Hope and opportunity will soon follow.

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