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I am the Principal Coach at CRMeier Coaching. I have 20 years of professional experience working in marketing and business development. Fourteen of those years were spent at Google where I successfully grew my career in various business development roles across three regions within the organization. In 2019, I launched CRMeier Coaching to combine my years of professional experience with my dedication to support others that are seeking success along their current career path or wanting to make a complete career shift. I have the credentials as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with the Co-Active Training Institute and Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

My Approach

My Approach

Whether you are seeking success in your current career or wanting to make a complete career shift, my approach is to form a collaborative partnership to drive you forward in reaching your goals and unlocking your potential. 


My coaching spans industries and experience levels.  I structure my coaching engagements based on individual clients needs and desired outcomes.


A few common client goals include:


  • Managing the inner critic
  • Building confidence to battle imposter syndrome
  • Defining a leadership style
  • Navigating and pursuing a career shift

  • Creating a personal brand

  • Gaining clarity on values and passions

  • Finding balance between professional and personal lives


Ultimately, I want to create a space of trust and courage that will empower you to address the obstacles in your life and motivate you to reach your personal and professional goals. 


Coaching Program

Coaching Program

What to Expect:

  • A program designed to meet your individual needs and desired outcomes.  

  • My investment in you, focusing on your goals and continuing your advancement towards the life and career you want.

  • Tools and action items to challenge and enrich your growth between sessions.

  • An accountability partner to keep you moving forward.


3 or 6 Month Coaching Packages:


  • Private one hour coaching sessions.  Recommended session cadence of every two weeks for the duration of the program.  

  • Accountability check-ins and email support between sessions.

  • Goal progress reviews every month until completion.

  • At the conclusion of our coaching program, a completion session to celebrate accomplishments and set intentions for your new path. 

*I offer one free 30 minute exploratory session to all prospective clients so they can get an understanding of my approach to coaching and determine our compatibility.  Please fill out the form under the "Contact" heading to schedule a session. 



"Christine is an amazing coach that helps you tackle the subjects that matter to you. She guides you through conversations in a comfortable way that leads you to a new perspective; a new way of looking at things you may not have thought of before. From there, she helps you put structure into plans and set up actionable steps towards achieving your goals. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance with putting more order and intention in their life!"

Head of Sales & Marketing at Embodied Inc.

"Christine's coaching & support was critical for me during a recent career transition. There's no easy how-to guide when moving from an individual contributor role to managing a team, and my first decision was especially difficult to navigate. The sessions with Christine provided a space for me to rationalize my choices in an unbiased environment, build confidence in my new role, and, ultimately, provide the best support for the team. I am looking forward to working with Christine on an ongoing basis!"

Sales Manager at Twitter

"Christine helped me take the necessary steps to reflect on my career journey as I looked for new roles at Google.  She was thoughtful in her approach to help me find the confidence in my experience to stand out.  Thanks to her help, I was able to strongly position my unique value proposition to land a more senior role."

Sales Executive at Google

"Christine is an outstanding coach with a creative and bespoke approach to coaching. I was fortunate to be Christine’s coachee for four months in 2020. Christine’s innovative ideas for the design of each session, together with her precise questions, led me to have several insights and “aha-moments” that fostered my professional and personal development. I particularly appreciated her openness to structuring each session depending on my priorities and questions in that given moment. I always felt understood by Christine’s warm nature, while at the same time encouraged to work harder towards my goals. If you are looking for an empowering coaching experience, Christine is your coach!"

Associate Gender Affairs Expert at United Nations

"Christine exceeded my expectations as a coach. She really helped me dig a layer deeper into my career aspirations to help me think through what I really wanted in my next chapter. More than anything, she gave me the encouragement and support I needed to explore new paths and stay open to new opportunities. I enjoyed my time working with her immensely and really benefited from her coaching."

Product Marketing Lead at Google

"Christine has a unique talent in being able to completely see the big picture that you are working with in just a short time.  She is adept at locking in on the key points of what she is hearing from you and quickly arrives to amazing, in-depth conclusions and smartly offers unique solutions and stepping stones for you to take.  I love that her suggestions were ideas that I may never have thought of myself.  The other thing that I love about Christine is her candidness and her caring yet forthright manner.  Much of what she offered up to me was pretty dynamic in beginning a true shift.  That shift was not only with the issues we were discussing...but turned out to be a shift that trickled down into other aspects of my life."

Freelance Consultant

“I've worked with Christine for over a year now. Her insights, support and new ways to view situations have helped me to manifest a career where my innate strengths are celebrated. My sessions with her allowed me to get clear on what I wanted and what I didn't want in a career. I know that sounds simple but I was sick of falling into jobs, instead of cultivating a path to best suit my skills, my goals and my lifestyle. I highly recommend Christine not only for career guidance but personal development as well. Her unique experiences allow her to help clients get crystal clear on their next steps and boost their confidence to go after what they want.”

Editor at AvidLifestyle Magazine



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CRMeier Coaching

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